PanelBoy Controls LLC in Grand Rapids, MI

Our Team

Your West Michigan source for on-site machine wiring & panel building!

Mario Martinez

Senior Panel Builder
Mario Martinez is the owner of PanelBoy Controls, a position he has held since Feb. 2013. PanelBoy Controls LLC is a Minority Business Enterprise.

Lesli Martinez

General Manager
Lesli Martinez directs all activities related to accounting, finance, human resources, infrastructure, operations, contracts, and third party consultants. 

Danny Robinson

Shop & Office Assistant 
Danny assists with all activities related to accounting, finance, human resources, information technology, operations and panel shop.

Controls Technicians

This team takes pride in getting the job done correctly and efficiently. 

Travis Burgess

Controls Technician 
Travis joined our team in February 2020.

Isaac Castro

Controls Technician
Isaac joined our team in September 2017.

Edward Ellesson

Controls Technician
Ed joined our team in November 2015.

Controls Technicians


Jeremy Jennings

Controls Technician
Jeremy joined our team in June 2020. 

Ralph Twining

Controls Technician
Ralph joined our team in July 2015.

Jennifer Winright

Controls Technician 
Jennifer joined our team in December 2019.

Machine Builder - Mechanical Support


Marcus Martinez

Machine Builder

Marcus joined our team in April 2017.