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The compact spring-cage connection offers a reliable ,constant connection when

subjected to strong vibrations. Connect conductors that are vibration resistant, gas-tight

and have long-term stability with the spring-loaded conductor contacting.


*Made from engineering flame retardants nylon PA66,brass conductor, stainless steel


pressure spring.


*The consistent double function shaft offers every opportunity for time-saving potential


distribution and accommodating test accessories.


*As well as saving space, the compact design and front connection enable


user-friendly wiring in a small amount of space.


*The large wiring space enables the use of conductors with ferrules and plastic collars


within the nominal cross section.


*With universal foot which can be installed on Din Rail NS 35.


*It can connect two conductors with ease, even large conductor cross sections are not


a problem.


*Electric potential distribution can use plug-in bridges in the terminal center.


*All types of accessories: End cover, End Stopper, Marker strip, Plug-in bridge, Marker






Model Number JST 4-TWIN


Quantity 25


Color Grey


L/W/H (mm) 71.5/36.5/6.2


Connection method Spring-Clamp connection


Material Nylon PA66


Rated Voltage/Current 800V/65A


Cross section, solid/soft Cable 0.2-4mm² / 0.2-2.5 mm²


Conductor Size 24-12 AWG


Mounting Type NS 35/


Standard IEC 60947-7-1


Certification CE/RoHS/CQC/ISO 9001



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