PanelBoy Controls LLC in Grand Rapids, MI

In this video our customers reviews are highlighted and what their experience has been with PanelBoy Controls .

In this video PanelBoy Isaac will go over the types of terminals you can buy from PanelBoy Controls. Head over to our terminal page to purchase any terminals in our JST - Series.

In this video PanelBoy Danny demonstrates our brand new wire stripper. Check out how fast this gadget is!

PanelBoy Controls got a new toy for the shop. This is our first attempt at using the SWT-508E Wire Stripper!

PanelBoy Controls is about to launch their very first product line. Here is your first look at PanelBoy Controls Terminals!

In this video PanelBoy Mario does a Cable Assembly. This is one of the many services we can offer your company.

In this video PanelBoy Mario shows off the brand new Brady M611 label printer.,